Joblessness is the root cause of the global unrest threatening Somali security. Fostering entrepreneurship is the remedy.

Through Technical and Vocational Training, we equip at-risk unemployed youth, women and ex-combatants with livelihood skills, helping them achieve economic stability and breaking cycles of violence and hopelessness.



ABOUT THE sayn Technology

SAYN Technology is an international non-governmental organization based in Somalia. Sayn Tech is empowering young people to become peacemakers and drivers of economic growth. We are building a class of independent, self-supporting and community-focused young men and women to serve as agents of social change for a peaceful and stable future.

Our vision is of a world where youth are drivers of sustainable peace and stable economic growth.

Our mission is to socially and economically empower youth through holistic entrepreneurial, technical and leadership skills development programs. We seek to develop and implement innovative approaches to youth empowerment to increase economic stability, social inclusion and progress towards peace in violence-affected communities.

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Program elements

The curriculum is divided into three cores

Business & sales and marketing

Computers Studies and Finance

Highly interactive online and in-class experiences combined with practical fieldwork grounded in entrepreneurship best practices and what it takes to start and grow a business.

The training program entails working through an online curriculum, 6 hours of class sessions each week and field assignments.

Human resources & management


sayn Technology focuses its efforts on three primary objectives:

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Provide a platform that exposes youth to entrepreneurship and leadership training

Engage youth Women and social innovators in long-term community economic development and peace building in users

Provide a unique opportunity for youth to share their views and concerns with leaders, policymakers, and the business community

what we do

Core Banking and Financial Systems Course

We have worked with many commercial banks in order to provide a training course for Core Banking computer systems. We have partnered with Packline Systems Limited based in Nairobi, Jethro (UK) Limited based in London and Temenos Holding based in Geneva for this project.

Universities fail to prepare graduates on how computer systems are applied in the Banks and finance sector, and we provide an opportunity for the unemployed to develop the necessary skill sets to find work in the Banks. We have worked with these Banks in order to be able to train participants on the application of specific IT systems, such as Temenos T24, Oracle Flexcube, FMIS, iMall, etc.

The course will allow participants with an interest in banks to learn how to operate specific banking software and IT systems. Through this course, we have provided over 50 participants since 2020 with employment opportunities and internships within commercial banks and local businesses.

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Partner with us to train, incubate and build a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. It is our global partnerships that have expanded the horizons of our youth. Be a part of our movement!

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Our entrepreneurs have innovative ideas, create groundbreaking start-ups, and address issues of poverty. Make their ideas a reality and help grow and scale their enterprises

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You can help support Somali women build a post-conflict future by developing their personal skills and aptitudes. By becoming part of the movement helping young Somalis women escape violence and move toward personal development,sions.

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